Keep Warm With These 5 Ramen Dishes

Throw your styrofoam cups of instant ramen in the trash and take a peak at these wonderful ramen dishes. Just because ramen is your favorite dish doesn’t mean you have splurge on a $10 bowl, because with these recipes, you can easily create your favorite ramen at home!

Mushroom Pork Ramen


Doesn’t the sound of cremini mushrooms and pork loin make your stomach growl? Try spicing up this mushroom pork ramen with a healthy dose of Sriracha sauce. 

Tofu Ramen


While ramen notoriously favors meat, that doesn’t mean all your vegetarians out there can’t enjoy a piping hot bowl of goodness. This tofu ramen recipe will have you forgetting all about meat.

Bacon n’ Egg Ramen


No seasoning packet here! With vegetable broth, chili powder, eggs and bacon, this ramen is naturally packed with maximum flavor. 

Mongolian Beef Ramen


This Mongolian beef ramen is the ultimate feel-good dish for when you some hearty sirloin steak in your diet. 

Shrimp Ramen


You heard it here first: shrimp is the most underrated ramen ingredient. With all the buttery goodness, you’ll be wishing you knew about this ramen dish back when you were in college.

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