4 Dishes You’ll Want to Instagram

Any self identified foodie knows the rule – if you didn’t take a photo, did that dish actually exist? And we know that some meals – and ingredients – are just far more photogenic than others. So if you’re one to brag about your food creation, we have a couple dish that you’ll want to whip up and definitely snag some photo of for the ‘gram.

Cod Puttanesca6ded6347-a1b8-4c9e-bbc1-a9f95ad46d17

The reason we suggest posting this cod puttanesca on the ‘gram is because all of your friends will think this meal took you hours of slaving over the stove when, in reality, it takes less than 40 minutes! You’ll get bragging rights without all of the work!

Bacon Eggs Benedict


On a Saturday afternoon, we’re sure you see a slew of eggs benedicts on your Instagram feed from everyone’s brunch meals, but you get the bonus points for making this beautiful dish on your own.

Curry Lime Rice


The colors in this curry lime rice dish are dangerously enticing. Make sure the backdrop of your photo is a bright color like yellow to make all the ingredients really pop. You’re sure to get plenty of likes on this one.

Hamburger with Pesto and Slaw


Make sure to get a close up in order to capture all the juicy goodness and different textures of this delicious hamburger pilled with pesto and slaw. Snap, post and enjoy!

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