5 Toasts That DON’T Include Avocado

We know that we’ve thrown a couple avocado toast recipes your way, but it’s time to break away from using just avocados on your toast. With some creative guidance, you’ll be inspired to use a variety of ingredients for toast for breakfast, lunch and even dinner.

British Baked Beans on Toast


A little history lessons for those who don’t know: in 1927 an executive at Heinz decided to create a national dish in order to sell more canned beans. This led the birth of these British baked beans that are complimented by the crunchy baguette in this recipe.

Pimento Cheese Toast


Cheesy and creamy, this toast makes for an excellent breakfast, lunch or yummy snack any time of the day.

Spiced Pear on Toast


Okay, this one is interesting. Who’d have thought that pears would pair well on a crunch piece of bread? Go ahead slice that pear and give it a whirl.

Toast with Herbed Cream Cheese and Soft Boiled Egg


Because who doesn’t love a little egg yolk dripping on their morning toast?

Egg Salad Toast


The flavors from this creamy egg salad combined with the perfect crunch of the toast will make you do a victory dance.

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