3 Low Sodium Lunches For This Week

Have you been ignoring those calls from your doctor lately? Deleting those messages where she says you need to cut down on sodium? We’ll help you out by giving you some yummy lunch ideas so you can skip out on your go-to, high-sodium sandwich. Nearly every layer of a sandwich is loaded with salt — from the bread to the cheese to the condiments and sauces. So if you don’t want your doctor on your back about cutting down on salt, try these healthy alternatives.

1. Kale, Tomato, and White Bean Soup


Kale is having a veggie moment right now and we’re here for it! This soup is jam-packed with healthy and filling ingredients like onions, cherry tomatoes, kale, white beans, carrots and celery. You’ll be shocked that something so healthy tastes so good.

2. Apple Quinoa Salad


You may have only had the opportunity to witness quinoa in it’s traditional, savory form, but after this Apple Quinoa Salad, the floodgates of recipe options will open and you’ll never look at quinoa the same again.

3. Tropical Avocado Salad


It’s time for summer vacation, so shouldn’t your salad enjoy a nice tropical makeover? This Tropical Avocado Salad is the perfect light lunch to enjoy by the pool showing off that summer body you worked so hard for!

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