The Rage About Quinoa

While some trendy foods seem to disappear as quickly as they came, quinoa has stayed with us. The versatile seed (yes, it’s a seed, not a grain) packs a powerful nutritional punch, and is a popular alternative to more traditional carbohydrates like rice or pasta.

If you haven’t embrace the quinoa movement yet, we’re going to give you a few reasons why it’s time to finally get on board. If you have, we’ll try to show you some brand new ways to incorporate it into your meals.

What can quinoa add to your diet?

1. Protein Please! Quinoa gained popularity because it’s a source of complete protein for vegetarians. That’s something you won’t find with your usual grains.

2.  Remember Your Vitamins and Minerals: quinoa boasts an impressive profile, including Vitamin E, manganese, folate, and zinc.

3. It’s Ready in Minutes! Unlike rice, which can take 45 minutes to prepare, quinoa cooks in about 5 minutes, making it ideal for when you need to prepare something in a pinch.

Our 3 Favorite Quinoa Recipes:

1. Quinoa Stuffed Zucchini


Taking the inside seeds and pulp out of zucchinis makes boat shaped veggies perfect for filling. Try this recipe with quinoa and corn.

2. Cranberry Kale Quinoa Salad with Poached Egg


Quinoa pairs wonderfully with another popular power food, kale. Add sweet dried cranberries and a decadent poached egg to make this filling salad.

3. Avocado Mango Quinoa Bowl


Who can say no to any recipe that includes avocado and mango? Quinoa and black beans makes this recipe a great twist on a more basic rice and beans dish.

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