April Showers Bring…May Burgers?

With Memorial Day on the horizon, summer barbecues are on everyone’s mind. And what says barbecue like a good old American burger? We’re burger enthusiasts over here at My Happy Plates, but we don’t like to exclude anyone. We’re going above and beyond to share with you five different types of burgers, so that we can please vegetarians, pescatarians, and red meat haters and lovers alike.

1. Bacon and Swiss Burger


The most classic burger of the bunch, this recipe uses two of our favorite toppings: Swiss cheese and bacon. This recipe is perfect for those who like a traditional taste, but are ready to branch out of their comfort zones.

2. Turkey Burger with Cranberry Barbecue Sauce

Turkey burgers are a favorite alternative to their red-meat counterparts, and for good reason. They’re lower in fat, while still keeping that juicy texture of a regular beef patty. Try this recipe, topped with a cranberry barbecue sauce, for a summer taste of Thanksgiving.

3. Salsa Chickpea Burger


Vegetarians today are no longer limited to dry, pre-made veggie patties. The market for non-meat patties is blooming, and we’re partial to this flavorful recipe featuring chickpeas and salsa.

Bonus: it’s also non-vegetarian taste approved.

4. Fried Shrimp Burger

For those of you who live near the coast, burgers and fresh seafood don’t have to be mutually exclusive. This recipe for fried shrimp burgers always makes us think of barbecues on the beach.

5. Chicken Banh Mi Burger


An American twist on a classic Vietnamese sandwich makes this burger unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. Fresh vegetables add a light touch to this recipe, keeping you from feeling that weighed-down sensation associated with red meat.

There you go: burgers for everybody! Now there’s no reason for you to have beef with us.

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