Why We Love Cauliflower Rice

Has anyone ever told you to put all white foods in the bad column? White sugar, white flour, white bread, the list goes on. When it comes to rice, many of us have turned our backs to white rice, in favor of to brown rice or something more adventurous (and expensive) like black or “forbidden” rice (does anyone know why it’s supposed to be forbidden?) There’s something else, though, that really helps you cut down on carbs, while preserving that familiar rice feeling. Yup, you guessed it: cauliflower rice.

If it seems like it involves some crazy cooking machinery to accomplish, don’t worry. All it involves is a solid kitchen knife to cut off the root off of the cauliflower and to chop the florets into pieces, and a food processor or grater to make the fine rice-like pieces. Or, you can find it pre-made at the grocery store.

If you’re wondering how to use it in a recipe, that’s where we come in. One of my personal favorites is this recipe for Lemon Chicken over Cauliflower Rice with Broccolini.


Try cauliflower rice out in your meal plan this week, and you’ll learn that not all white foods are bad.

Bonus tip: cauliflower pizza crust is the next move for this versatile vegetable.

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