Why you NEED to try Overnight Breakfast

About two months ago I saw a post from a long-time friend about his new business, Overnight Breakfast. Imagine Blue Apron meal kits meet breakfast – about $3 for a delivered breakfast that takes a total of 2 minutes to prepare. The concept caught my attention, and the flavors sounded incredible (more on the flavors later…).

The “1-liner” on these guys: Overnight Breakfast delivers everything you want in a breakfast. They offer a take on “overnight oats” with delicious, dry packs of wholesome, hearty, organic ingredients (oats, dried fruit, organic cocoa, chia seeds, and more). You mix the packs with a bit of your choice of milk (dairy or non-dairy), shake it up, and let it sit in the ‘fridge overnight. In the morning you’ve got a nutritious, jam-packed breakfast and you’re ready to roll without having to prepare anything.


Long story short, it looked really neat and I always like to support friends, so I ordered the Sample Pack to give it a try. My expectations were set on a 7 out of 10 – amazing concept, really cool flavors, awesome founding team, but maybe some lack of execution since they were such a young company.


My wife and I can’t stop raving about these guys to our friends and family, and everybody else that we know. They do breakfast the right way:

  • Amazing flavors (with really interesting ingredient combos)
  • Hearty, easy-to-make breakfast
  • All natural, organic ingredients
  • Little to no added sugar
  • 100% compostable packaging
  • Family-owned, craft company

Ultimately, the three things that are most important in our house are: convenience, taste, and health. Overnight Breakfast hits on all of these. I can’t tell you how much stress we’re saving by spending 2 minutes to shake them up the night before and we’re ready to roll in the morning. Seriously. No more “what’s for breakfast?” headaches.

In the spirit of Christmas – there are lots of posts like this out there that are all driven by money. Companies review products so they can take a little sliver of revenue. We’re fine with that, seriously, as long as it’s adding value to readers. However, this is not that kind of post. We just really, honestly, truly, whole-heartedly believe in this product, this company, and the guys behind it. And we want you to know about them too, because we think it really just might make you smile.

We’ve got all four of their flavors listed as recipes on My Happy Plates.

Click on any of them and you’ll be able to add them directly to your meal plan for the week. That easy.

Want a discount?

Oh, and go here to place your first order. The Overnight Breakfast team has been gracious in extending a 25% discount off of your first month’s subscription purchase. Use code: MYHAPPYPLATES at checkout and you’ll see the price drop by 25%. That puts each breakfast at around $2. We like the sound of that. Shipping’s free.

We hope you enjoy!

My Happy Plates makes it easier to grocery shop and cook each week. If you’re interested in learning more about an account, click here to explore a free trial.

If you’re already a member, you’re 1-click away from adding any of these recipes to your meal plan for the week. We’ll portion everything out for you and add the items to your shopping list. Just click a recipe above.

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