4 Creative Holiday Gift Ideas

With Thanksgiving now a distant memory and Christmas right around the corner, chances are you have a mile-long list of gifts to buy for friends, family, teachers, fitness instructors, babysitters and more.  If any of the lucky peeps on your list happen to be ‘foodies’ or someone who will simply enjoy a fabulous gift related to food, fitness, adventure and the like, hopefully this run-down of ideas will help to inspire you.

Gift from Your Kitchen

What’s better than giving a hand-crafted gift from your kitchen? Nada! The act of taking the time to bake a batch of your grandma’s famous cranberry-orange biscotti, prepare a jar of your sister’s unbeatable basil pesto, or bottle your mother’s homemade garlic-infused olive oil elevates the gift far above anything that can be bought from a store. Choose a recipe with a story behind it to make it even more thoughtful and always wrap or box to impress.

A Basketful of Your Faves

I recently received one of my favorite client gifts to date. It was a carefully curated assortment of specialty coffee, chocolate, cookies, a coffee mug and even real fruit-infused vodka (happy hour, anyone?!) that was gifted as a pre-Thanksgiving ‘thank you’ for my partnership. Each of the items had been chosen because they are the favorites of the agency staffers. I seriously love, love, loved it! Create this type of gift with a few of your personal favorite goodies, sourced from local spots in your area and be ready to accept the praise.

An Unforgettable Experience

While I do like receiving material gifts, I am also quite fond of experiential gifts.  My husband and I usually default to an experience gift when shopping for the person that has nearly everything. Think outside the box and treat this special person to a yoga class or two, a wine and art paint night at a nearby art studio, a mani-pedi date or tickets to a sporting event. The added bonus is that you get to spend time together creating memories while doing something you both enjoy.

The Gift of Time

Life’s hectic. Sometimes the best gifts are those that allow the recipient an extra hour to themselves or even a mere few minutes of peace and quiet following a crazy day at work. Whether it’s gifting a monthly meal kit subscription, a cleaning person or a membership to a weekly, customizable meal planning tool like My Happy Plates, anyone on your list is sure to appreciate the precious gift of time.

Healthfully yours,

Beth “Queen Nutrition Bee”

Learn more about how My Happy Plates can help you plan your meals for the week here. We’d love to save you some time this week!

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