Introducing Dietitian Beth Stark, Queen Nutrition Bee around here

We’ve all seen those sites. The ones that tell us: “Want to be healthy? Just eat kale every day for the rest of your life!!”

Don’t get me wrong, kale is great. We love it around here. But we also love pizza, burgers, shrimp scampi…you get it. To us, healthy means cooking with real ingredients, whole grains, fresh veggies, and using just a little bit of care and moderation when it comes to what you’re munching on. You can still eat the tasty stuff!

We’ve partnered up with Beth Stark, Registered Dietitian extraordinaire from Pennsylvania. She’s spent her career thinking about how food contributes to a healthy lifestyle and helping folks achieve their wellness goals. She runs lifestyle initiatives at a major grocery company, so her work literally touches the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. We think that’s pretty cool.


Beth’s approach to wellness and nutrition is refreshing. Seriously. Like when it’s really hot in August and you take a sip of that icy drink and your fingers are cold holding it and you get a little brain freeze but it Feels. So. Good. She’s also basically a movie star with some fun, short nutrition videos she does. Also, still waiting to find out if she’s related to Iron Man Tony Stark. Will let you know…

Stay tuned for some love from Beth on tips, tricks, and fun ways to get on and stay on the right health track that works for you.

-Ryan @ My Happy Plates

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