Introducing Chef Kurt Gio and his big, bad, bold flavors

Don’t be surprised if some of the My Happy Plates recipes are jam-packed with bold, beautiful, colorful flavors. That’s just the way Kurt Gio cooks, and he’s one of the culinary mad men behind what we’re doing here at My Happy Plates. He’ll be cooking up some dishes and sharing with you on our blog here.

Kurt Gio

In case you were wondering, Kurt is not the one with the bodacious sunglasses.

We could tell you all of the cool things about KG – the fact that he hails from sunny Jamaica, that his culinary inspiration is part island-inspired, part fitness-focused, and full on delicious, and that he spent some time as a professional football player.

But the coolest thing about him (besides his super handsome son) has got to be how much he cares about helping folks reach their goals. KG has been an inspiration in my life for a long time. I’ve looked up to him and admired as he cooks his way into people’s hearts.

Here’s hoping he finds his way to yours!

-Ryan @ My Happy Plates

Check out more of KG’s recipes at My Happy Plates.

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