Check. 1-2. Is this thing on?

Ryan from My Happy Plates here. Here’s a quick warning, disclaimer, whatever-you-want-to-call-it: we’ve got a lot of “Dad Jokes” here.

Save yourself. Seriously. Get out while you can.

Kidding aside. We’re producing more and more content now, and we want to share it with you to make your cooking journey a little bit easier. Here’s some fun stuff in store from our awesome team:

  • Recipes: tasty, seasonal recipes that will have you hangry for a bite
  • Tips + Tricks: wanna know the best way to cut an onion? Or make spaghetti squash? Or our suggestions for best music to play while you’re cooking?
  • Health: want to hear from our Registered Dietitians on the best habits, trends, and behaviors to be the best you?
  • Lists: we can’t wait for this one. Lists about favorites, best dishes, best places to eat, best cities for food, best grocery stores, and more!
  • Must Haves: amazing suggestions about the pots, pans, knives, tools, and everything else that will make your life in the kitchen way-way-way easier
  • Deals: we’ll keep an eye out for the best deals on groceries. We’ll let you know when we see something worth catching.

And like I said earlier, plenty of “Dad Jokes.” If you keep reading, well, that’s on you…

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